#11 College Town

For postsecondary students on a budget,
based on rent and other expenses.

One of America’s best cities for remote workers.

Ranking based on housing, cost of living, safety, connectivity, parks, and sunshine.

One of the most exciting small cities in America.

Ranking based on nightlife per capita, live music, active life options and more.

One of the 16 Best Places to Live in the U.S.

Small cities with access to adventure, healthy eating options, bike lanes, and green spaces.

Working Accommodation & Food Services

Accommodation & Food Services

With a wide variety of bars and restaurants, 28 hotels, and easy access to highways and nearby metropolitan areas.

Working Manufacturing


La Crosse area is a hub for manufacturing companies that offer a wide range of careers.

Working Retail Trade

Retail Trade

The La Crosse area offers some of the region’s best retail and shopping experiences. 

Working Government


Varied career opportunities include those in public health, utilities, emergency services, public works, and more.

Working Health Care

Health Care

La Crosse has long been a hub for the health care industry for the region with large healthcare systems calling the city home. 

DMI (Downtown Mainstreet Inc)

DMI (Downtown Mainstreet Inc)

To learn about businesses, events, and living options in downtown La Crosse.