Chet Doering

“Candidates immediately feel the warmth and genuineness, allowing an authentic, high-quality experience customized to the individual’s needs. It is evident they are truly invested in providing the best experience for each of our candidates, no matter the level of commitment it takes. As recruitment remains highly competitive, they are an essential partner and ally for our organization.”

— Chet Doering
Director, Recruitment and Talent Strategy

Parvathi Ganesh

“This program helped us tremendously with the move, making sure our transition was smooth, from finding a house to deciding on the right school district for our son. They made sure we were happy in the new social setting by connecting us with other kind hearts in the area. We found some good friends through those connections.”

— Parvathi Ganesh

Rasleen Saluja and Tom Rotz

“Being sent through the First Friend program made me feel highly valued as a prospective employee. It was instrumental to my recruitment process for this job and significantly affected our decision to relocate to La Crosse.”

— Rasleen Saluja and Tom Rotz